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To provide and coordinate information expertise and services.

This Unit is led by a Principal Information Officer. The Unit performs the following activities:-

·   Coordinate the preparation of Communication Strategy for the Commission and ensure that is in place

·   Produce and disseminate documents such as brochures, leaflets, fliers, newsletters etc. digital and audio visual materials to inform the public on policies, programs, activities and reforms undertaken by the Commission

·   Engage in dialogue with the public as well as media on issues concerning the Commission

·   Provide advise and assistance to departments, Divisions and Units on a range of Internal and external communication activities (for example production of various documents) and media management

·   Promote Commission’s activities, programs and policies through media

·   Coordinate press briefings for the Commission

·   Up-date and maintain information in the Commission’s website

·   Respond to media queries (coordinate response to stakeholders’ complaints through various media)

·   Coordinate participation in different events such as exhibitions, press conferences and celebrations

·   Coordinate preparation of papers for workshops and conferences

·   Coordinate preparation and production of articles and newsletters




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