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Background of the Commission

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is established under Section 9(1) of the Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002. The decision of the Government to establish the Commission and set it operational on 7th January 2004 aimed at achieving the following:

  • Creation of a unified public service.
  • Enforcement of adherence to HR rules, regulations and procedures by public service employees and employers.
  • Promotion of ethical conduct in the public service.
  • Introduction of meritocracy in appointments, confirmation and staff promotions.
  • Promotion of results oriented management and open performance review.
  • Reinforcement of transparency, equity and justice in the public service.

The PSC has replaced three Service Commissions, each being responsible for a particular Service, namely:

  • The Teachers' Service Commission
  • The Local Government Service Commission
  • The Civil Service Commission

In order to successfully fulfil its responsibilities, the commission is divided into three departments and one division namely:

  • The Civil Service Department (CSD)
  • The Local Government Service Department (LGSD)
  • The Health Service Department (HSD)
  • Administration and Human Resource Management Division (AHRM)

The establishment of the PSC is one of the efforts to implement the Public Service Management and Employment Policy endorsed by Government in 1999. The aim of the policy is to bring about fundamental shift in the management of the Tanzania Public Service, particularly in the management of employees as Human Resource Management (HRM) so as to replace the traditional "personnel administration system". 


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