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Health Service Department



To ensure that appointments, staff development, ethics and disciplinary procedure in the Health Service adhere to Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002 as amended by Public Service (Amendment) Act No. 18 of 2007 and its related regulations.



  • To issue guidelines on appointment, performance evaluation, promotion and disciplinary process in the health service and monitor their implementation

  • To identify areas in the Public Service Act and its regulations which need to be reviewed and submit to President’s Office, Public Service Management

  • To prepare periodic implementation reports

  • To follow up and monitor registration and licensing of health service employees

  • To ensure that Health Service Scheme is effectively implemented


    This Department is led by a Deputy Secretary and comprises of two Sections as follows:

  • Appointment and Staff Development Section

  • Ethics and Discipline Section

    These two Sections are led by Assistant Secretaries


    Appointments and Staff Development Section

    The Section performs the following activities:

  • Prepare, review and issue guidelines to employing authorities on merit based appointment and staff development in the Health Service

  • Ensure guidelines on merit based recruitment and staff development in the Health Service are complied by the employing authorities and prepare evaluation reports

  • Carry-out on site inspections

  • Ensure employing authorities are implementing Results Oriented Management, carryout performance evaluations and prepare reports

  • Ensure employing authorities comply with guidelines on result oriented performance and prepare evaluation reports

  • Ensure employing authorities comply with guidelines on merit based promotions in the Health Service and prepare evaluation reports

  • Monitor compliance on staff development programs and prepare reports

  • Receive and act on complaints from employees


    Ethics and Disciplinary Section

    The section performs the following activities:

  • Monitor and evaluate compliance to the disciplinary procedure and  

     principles of human rights by disciplinary authorities

  • Receive, scrutinize and summarize appeal cases from employees

  • Ensure that relevant copies of appeal documents are presented by

    disciplinary authorities

  •    Analyze appeal cases and prepare recommendations for the decisions of

       the Commission and inform appellants on the decisions accordingly

  •   Issue injunction to disciplinary authorities to safeguard good governance

  •   Check on unethical behavior practices by employing authorities and take

       necessary actions

  •    Prepare and issue guidelines on discipline and appeals and monitor their 




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